The New President

The world found out that Donald Trump was the president elect on this morning around two.
The students of Texas Southern University were disappointed by the outcome due to the comments and allegations by Trump during his campaign.
“I deal with to many racist on a daily basis and I don’t need my president being one,” said Kobi Ambroise.
The Trump campaign was endorsed by The Crusader which is newspaper by the Klu Klux Klan. The African Americans in this current are aware that many but not all of Trump’s supporters are racist. Many black people believe now that the hidden racist are going to be more. willing to come and show how they truly feel about minorities in this country.
“We have a long way to go as country as seen by this election,” said Olivia Addison.
This is not just the think of minorities but also college educated caucasian women such as Ms. Addison. Trump has belittled not only minorities but also women.
The American people are not pleased with the outcomes of this election and that is evident. People are out protesting in the streets of New York and Chicago as one types this story up.
The people feel miss represented and like Van Wilson said this was a “whitelash against change,”.
In the closing remarks, the black community will have to stand by each other in this time. The people should also not forget that they still have the ability to impeach a president if they are truly unhappy with this selection.


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