The Cleveland Cavaliers run the Atlanta Hawks off the court while making a record amount of three-pointers.

The Cavaliers and Hawks played against each other last night in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. In the first half the Cavaliers could not miss from the three-point arc.

“You kind of just live in the moment,” said Kyrie Irving. “It was a special moment for all of us”

The Cavaliers broke a single game playoff record with 25 three-pointers in a game. This award was previous owned by this years Golden State Warriors.

“We’ve mentioned all season long that playing downhill and playing at a good pace is paramount for us so tonight was no different,”said Kevin Love.

This is exactly what the Cavaliers did. They got out on a hot start and never looked back.

“Beat down to its very last compound,” said Shaquille O’neal”

O’neal just says how bad this game was for the Hawks and what an embarrasement it was for them.

Charles Barkley and Skip Bayless two NBA analyst have questioned if the Hawks even be here and compete against the Cavaliers.

“You have to knock the hell out of them and not for this game but for to set a tone for the next game,” said Barkley.

The Hawks and Cavaliers will play against each other on Friday. We will see if the Hawks can put on their big boy pants and have a competitive game.


Eastern Conference Finals Preview

The Eastern Conference Finals are finally here and it will be featuring the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers, both of these teams got here by beating their opponents in six games.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the Conference Finals after beating the Chicago Bulls this was a pretty competitive series that had two buzzer beaters one from each team. The Cavaliers are hoping to come into series with a healthy Kyrie Irving but it is not certain if he will play in game 1.

Irving has been battling a foot injury and knee tendinitis, this would not be good for the Cavaliers if he is not ready to go because he is their second best player on the team.

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Washington Wizards in a hard fought series where both teams went on several scoring droughts. If the Hawks want to win this series they have to play team basketball like they have done all season.

Coach Budenholzer use to be an assistant coach under Gregg Popovich and he has adopted the same playing style as the San Antonio Spurs. The Hawks do not have that go to player that can drive the lane in tough situations and win them a game. They are built to win games through their passing and efficient scoring.

One thing this Hawks team can absolutely not do is go on scoring drought against a high powered offense like the Cavaliers. That was how the Cavaliers beat the Bulls in their series. Al Horford has played phenomenal in the playoffs this season.

Jeff Teague also has to be more aggressive this series and run the offense take the ball to the basket and not be hesitant. If Teague is not aggressive it will be hard for the Hawks to win this series. This also might be the time where you see the Thabo Sefolosha injury hurt the Hawks.

If the Cavaliers and LeBron James want to make it to the NBA Finals Irving and James have to play lights out. They both need to score 20 points a game. James also cannot turn the ball over to many times because that is what this Hawks team feast on.

The role players are very key for the Cavaliers also because there will be no Kevin Love so Smith, Dellavedova, and Shumpert all have to contribute.

Who do you think will win? Leave a comment below.