The Legacy Has Ended

Kobe Bryant explodes for 60 points in his final game.

The Lakers faced off against the Utah Jazz in the final game of Bryant’s career. The Lakers were able to pull of the come from behind win. ¬†Bryant came out of the gates slow but was able to heat up once he settled his nerves.

Many of Kobe’s teammates were in attendance such as Derek Fisher, Rick Fox, Lamar Odom, and Shaquille O’neal.

“I challenged him to get 50, but that mother****er got 60,” said O’neal.

This was the best way a legend such as Kobe could end his career.

No one expected him to have 60 points in his final game after playing 20 seasons in the association .

“I expect him to have 40 points tonight,” said Michael Smith.

Even with that prediction his was off by 20 points. Bryant becomes the oldest player to score 60 points in a game by five years.

Bryant has shot down any questions of him coming back next season or even playing again in the NBA.

Kobe was able to have  23 points in the fourth quarter.

“For the first time in my career my teammates were telling me to shoot it and were setting picks for me to get open instead of telling me to pass it,” said Kobe Bryant.

Bryant was able to go out with a win and a 60 point game. This is the way we all expected Kobe to go out. He was shooting and driving to the basket until he could not do it anymore.